Partnership with the UN in the ‘Global Tourism Plastic Initiative’

Yet another recognition. While the tourism sector is reinventing itself for the post-pandemic resumption, we are proud to announce an initiative bringing our association and the Brazilian hotel industry to the table of the global debate on sustainability.

The Roteiros de Charme is the only Brazilian organization to join the select group of 20 associations to officially become a partner in the ‘Global Tourism Plastics Initiative’ – a United Nations global campaign that seeks to implement and encourage the sustainable management of plastic in the tourism sector.

Still in 2020, we want to integrate these sustainable management practices into our sustainability program and offer the necessary technical assistance to our members. During this period, we will also seek to raise awareness among all hotels in our corporate communication network.

By 2021, we intend to give emphasis to the most modern practices of sustainable management of plastic in our communication with our Associated Hotels, so that these practices become a priority among the many other sustainability practices already disseminated.

“Sustainability is our commitment and this partnership with the United Nations environmental agency is a source of great pride. A recognition of our work and an example for our sector. In addition, we represent establishments that have great appeal to foreign audiences, so being part of this campaign with worldwide reverberation is also very positive for our associates. We want to spread the good news”, comments President Helenio Waddington.

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