Guests experts with the Roteiros hotels are familiar with so-called good sustainable practices that are found at the chain of hotels. It is responsible hospitality management practices that contribute to increase the sustainability of the activity. Among the most known practicesexamples are: the use of solar panels for water heating, vast use of natural light, low consumption bulbs, and electronic devices for greater efficiency in energy consumption; waste collection, reduction and recycling of solid waste; the engagement of hotels in initiatives and projects for the preservation of environmental, historic and cultural heritage of its regions.

Of equal importance there are practices aimed to the professional valorization of labor in their tourist destinations. The hotels have as preference in hiring local labor force to fill most of the professional occupations of their establishments (kitchen, living-room, cleaning, management, maintenance, construction). In many destinations there are shortages of labor workers qualified, which makes the associates become labor leaders in their regions.

For the dissemination of good practices of sustainability among the Associates, Roteiros develops a permanent monitoring program of practices in all its hotels. This program provides periodic visits of professionals that verify the practices adopted and to the continuous improvement of the same, based on all sources of accumulated practices by associates. The continuation and expansion of activities of the program are guaranteed through the partnerships strategy of Roteiros with private companies that share its vision of hospitality. Independent consultants in the areas of environmental engineering, agronomy, forestry, biology, geography and tourism compose the professional team.