Owning a hotel or inn is not in itself enough to be part of the Roteiros de Charme Hotel Association. There is a common philosophy to subscribe to; and requirements to be met. The catalogue of items that allow for the identification of our Associated Hotels’ qualities, while providing for individual identities, must include exclusivity. So, do check to see if your hotel fits our candidate profile:


In the Association’s diverse collection there are ecological refuges, historical farms, comfortable hotels – some quite sophisticated. Whichever the characteristics, the important thing is Charm – that subjective concept that generally means a combination of good taste, attention to detail, love of serving, comfort compatible with expectations, privileged location, construction that is adequate for the environment and region; in short, a set of factors that lend a unique personality to the location and to the hotel itself.


Having ascertained that your hotel (or inn) has charm, check the other pre-conditions for your application:

– the hotel must have been in business for at least 2 years under the same management, having consolidated its profile and standard of service;
– it must have between 10 and 60 apartments and/or suites (exceptions are allowed only by unanimous agreement of the Board of Directors);
– preferably, be located in a place of ecological, historical and tourist interest.


Concepts accepted, steps completed, the application process begins by sending a letter of intent including a description of the facilities and services, photographs, brochures and, if applicable, press clippings to the Association’s head office (Rua Visconde de Pirajá. 414/921-922 – Ipanema 22410-002 Rio de Janeiro-RJ).


With the information in hand, the Association’s Board will:
– Begin the assessment which includes an anonymous visit by a director. Should the assessment lead to a categorical no, a letter to that end will be sent to the applicant.
– If the assessment is positive, a representative of the Board of Directors will contact the hotel’s owners to present the Association’s principles, Statutes and other norms.
– After receiving written notice from the hotel’s owners officialising their agreement with the Association’s Norms and Procedures, the Board will decide on the approval and classification of the hotel.


Applications are assessed once a year, in successive board meetings in June, July and August.
After joining the Roteiros de Charme, Associated Hotels remain independent, while respecting the Association’s principles.
Direct involvement by owners in the management and quality control of candidate hotels will be considered favourably.