The Tourism Program of the Division of Technology, Industry and Economy (DTIE), of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), has the mission of ensuring that the conservation, through the management and sustainable use of natural, cultural, as well as man-made environments, is an integral part of tourism development. To this end, UNEP/DTIE works through partnerships that include the private sector, aiming to support the integration of sustainable production and consumption in tourism.

As one of the signatories and partner of UNEP´s Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, the Association has been working with its Member hotels and has committed to a series of principles and actions, using its sustainability program to disseminate the policy, criteria and practices related to the sustainable management of plastics in the hotel industry. Some examples are:

  • Raise awareness among all hotels about the circular use of plastics and the sustainable management of plastics through its corporate communication network, webinar and/or other channels.
  • Engage suppliers to identify sustainable alternatives and problematic single-use plastics to influence product design and circular plastic use solutions.
  • Eliminate problematic single-use plastic from all meetings organized by the Association.
  • Use its communication channels to raise awareness among tourists about the impact of problematic single-use plastics

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The environment and socio-cultural aspects constitute important assets for the tourism industry, and therefore the preservation of Brazil’s rich and diverse natural resources is fundamental to the sustainable development of tourism in the country.

Today’s environmental agenda has focused on empowering people and companies to become active multipliers of sustainable and equitable development, and has brought to the forefront the effects of climate change on ecosystems and communities, and its consequences around the world. The tourist industry would not be an exception.

Hoteliers can contribute greatly by reducing the impacts of their activities on greenhouse effects and by raising awareness that guests and communities are essential for changing attitudes towards sustainable production and consumption patterns.

We invite you to join us, during your vacation or business, at home or at work, so that together we can all enjoy a much safer and more prosperous future. Every contribution to building a healthy environment is valuable.

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