Paká Bangalôs - Pacatuba - SE

Located 100m from Boca da Barra Beach, where the river meets the sea, the simplicity of Paká Bungalows surrounds nature with its charm in an area of ​​coexistence and relaxation.

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8 Bungalows with eco design architecture, following local natural elements, with great comfort.

It has a queen bed, with cotton sheets, bath and pool towels, minibar and air conditioning.

Leisure and Social Area

Pool overlooking Cove.

Boat trip along the mouth of the São Francisco River, which is about 25 km from the Pousada, where there is the town of Saramen.

Boat trips with fishermen from the Boca da Barra region.

Walks on the beach until the river meets the sea.

Hiking through the dunes and lakes.

Many attractions for surfers and kite surfers.

Boat trips through the region’s mangroves that take you to deserted and wonderful beaches.

Horse rides