Cartão Roteirista

Request your personal Passport Guide whenever you stay at any Roteiros de Charme hotels. Use it as a source of information and reference, and bring it with you every time you stay with us. Passport holders are eligible for the following benefits:

You will become a ROTEIRISTA if, within the period of 12 consecutive months, you stay at 4 different Associated Hotels. During the following 12 months, counting from the date of your fourth stay, you will then be entitled to an upgrade from accommodations you have reservations for, as long as, at the time of your check-in, there is availability for an upgrade to the category immediately above the one that you have reserved.


Roteirista Senior

Whenever you stay at 8 different Associated Hotels during a period of 24 consecutive months, you will become a ROTEIRISTA SENIOR, and will receive a “courtesy voucher” from the Association, for two free nights at the Hotel or Inn of your choice. The reservation should be done through the Association’s main office and will always be subject to availability. The exception periods for these two courtesy nights are: (i) weekends at Associated Hotels with less than 9 rooms; (ii) Associated Hotels not included in the current Passport Guide (i.e. not included in the Passport Guide of the year during which the award will be redeemed) ; and (iii) the use of the voucher combined with any promotional package, school holiday periods and extended weekends in any of the hotels or inns.


Roteirista Expert

Completing an additional 2 stays in different Associated Hotels, that is 10 different stays over 24 consecutive months, you will become a ROTEIRISTA EXPERT. We would then like to invite you for a two-day stay, incognito, at one of our Hotels, which would be selected by the Association according to our criteria.

Your comments, criticism and suggestions as a guest who is familiar with the Association’s proposal will greatly help us maintain the standards expected by our guests. Our guests’ perspective will complement and help enhance the professional vision of each hotelier.

The room-nights offered as courtesy to partners, journalists or other guests, as well as the courtesy room-nights offered to “roteiristas” under the terms mentioned above, are not entitled to be registered in the Passport Guide.