La Dolce Vita - Tijucas do Sul - PR

At the foot of the Serra do Mar Mountains, in an ecological refuge 33 km from Curitiba, La Dolce Vita with its delicious mountain climate reveals progressively its beautiful scenery through the mist floating over the lake at dawn, lending a touch of enchantment to the harmony of the architecture.

As wonderful as the setting is the pleasure of tasting the delicacies from the restaurant by the lake and renowned for its impeccable regional cooking.

In the choreography of aquatic birds at sunset, the spectacle of the trees’s greens invade the horizon. At La Dolce Vita, as Fellini used to say: “life can really seem like a dream”.

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26 Apartments and suites with cable TV, telephone, minibar, and heating; 16 of which with air-conditioning and whirlpool; plus 7 chalets

Leisure and Social Area

• Lake-side restaurant with exquisite Italian and French cuisine
• Sauna (Finnish style and steam room).
• Full meal service
• Hiking.
• Fishing in the lake.
• Kayaks and dinghies.
• Bicycle rides.